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Bentley car brochures

What can you say about Bentley that can capture the essence of an automobile that is the king of kings? Bentley cars are epitome of luxury cars that dates back to 1919. Walter Owen Bradley in England formed the Bentley car company. These mostly hand built automobiles are built for the very few that can afford them which you can understand with a price tag that can run anywhere from the low six-figures up to over a million dollars. Even the Bentley car brochures are over the top.

The first Bentley Motor Works car debuted in 1919 with several more models to follow. Bentley earned respect from British racecar enthusiasts after seeing that the Bentley was a qualified contender on the racetrack. However in 1929 Bentley Motors experience some financial problems triggered by the Wall Street crash and in 1931 the company was sold to Rolls Royce. The first Bentley under the new ownership was in 1933, but never went into production of printed any Bentley car brochures.

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Bentley Motors merely trudged along selling little more than Rolls-Royces with the Bentley name. However in the 1980s think started to change when Bentley released the Mulsanne Turbo sedan, which was a true Bentley rather than a reconfigured Rolls Royce.

Once again the Bentley Motor Works had new owners when Volkswagen AG bought the company and Rolls Royce in 1998. In short order BMW took over Rolls Royce and Bentley once again stood separately that brought several models that included an all-new Continental Coupe, Azure, and the Arnage sedan that replaced the Mulsanne. Bentley cars and brochures

The new century saw big things for Bentley, which included an expanded line of exquisite automobiles. The Continental Coupe was released in a convertible configuration and then a 4-door sedan came to being as the Flying Spur. Bentley was experiencing success with the expanded line. The Bentley power plants were amazingly powerful that included a turbo-charged V-12 and a fuel sipping V-8. From the incredible leather and rare wood finished interiors the Bentley makes you feel like a king when you slip into the interior of these incredible automobiles.Even the Bentley car brochures cant be touched by the other car manufacturers.

A Bentley is not alike any other vehicle when it comes to fit, finish, looks and performance. It’s a Bentley and that’s all that needs to be said about these luxurious automobiles.Take at closer look at these Bentley car brochures and see for yourself the impressive quality ans style.

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