Honda Brochures and Sales Literature

Honda car brochures and sales literature

The Honda Motor Co. Ltd was founded by Soichiro Honda in September 1948 in Hamamatsu Japan with 1 million yen. Not much money but that was enough to get started. In 1949 Takeo Fujisawa became a life long partner and managing director of Honda (Soichiro Honda long time friend). The two had a dream and a desire to turn the company into the worlds top motorcycle producer. It would be great to have some of those Honda brochures. In 1958 the Honda Motor Co. Ltd introduced the Super Cub C100 motorcycle and they soon achieved their goal and in 1960 they opened the Suzuka factory to produce their motorcycles.

Honda realized that in order to become a worldwide manufacturer of motorcycles and eventually cars they would need to create a network of dealers and facilities to supply parts and facilitate repairs. Honda invested over 15 billion yen building and creating these facilities nationwide and in 1967 they had establish 131 Honda SF locations, which stood for Honda Service Facilities. These facilities became and integral part of the superior reputation and a sales tool on their Honda brochures.

Honda sales literature

Honda S360

The Honda’s first automobiles were introduced to the Japanese market in 1962 with the T360 Mini Truck and the S360 and S560 small sports cars. These vehicles were accepted week by the consumer in Japan, which opened the door to producing more cars and vehicles not only in Japan, but eventually, worldwide. The next step for Honda was to establish markets outside Japan, which started with their motorcycles. In September 1959 American Honda opened their doors in the United States and started selling motorcycles. They had big goals and even bigger dreams for the company, but things went slowly. Missing sales goals despite Honda brochures and other sales literature, but they were determined to succeed in America.

The continued to add dealers and Honda franchise dealers and then in December of 1969 they began selling cars. The Honda N600 was first sold in Hawaii and by May 1970 the N600 was being sold on the mainland in California, Washington and Oregon. We are constantly searching for those Honda brochures to display here. The cars were originally sold and serviced thorough the motorcycle dealerships that were established here, but that changed over time.

In 1973 American Honda started building its own network of automobile dealers when they introduced the Honda Civic, which still remains in the Honda line of automobiles. They tried working with the existing American dealerships, but none of them would cooperate so they built their own network of franchised dealerships including Honda brochures and catalogs.

Today Honda is a powerful force in the American auto industry which the still popular Civic and the top selling Accord being their best sellers with the Honda CR-V coming up quickly. Honda continues to work a full line of vehicles by offering ore models and choices after careful research. See the Honda brochures below for any one of their current vehicles.

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