Welcome to Motorologist.com where everything on this website has to do with cars, trucks, vans and SUV’s. You may have never heard of a motorologist before now, but now you have. From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary you have: ol·o·gist: noun \ˈäləjə̇st\ Definition of OLOGIST: specialist. Now add motor as in motorized vehicles and you have Motorologist. Therefore this website is going cover everything about buying, selling, owning, repairing, rebuilding, customizing, driving, financing and admiring the motor vehicle.

We have assembled a team of people with years of experience in the various fields that make up the auto industry. Each and every member of our team could be considered a motorologist in his or her own right. The years of experience and knowledge assembled here cover all of the areas I mentioned above and so much more.

The Motorologist Contributors: Our contributors are experts in their field. They include; a Dealership Sales Manager, Service Manager, Service Writer, Finance Manager and a Car Salesman Trainer and Author. We also have several technicians, gear heads and body men. Not to mention an automaker engineer, Insurance Agent, a few shade tree mechanics. We have the best of the best that will add their opinions and experiences to help others learn things the easy way rather than the hard and costly way. They are here to answer your questions and share their experiences and professional opinions.

Motorologist.com areas of focus

Car News/Blog: Update info about cars, the auto industry and anything else that pertains to automobiles. We will cover the latest newcomers and the hottest trends in cars.

Cars, Trucks and SUV’s: All of the most common automakers and their history and products from the past to now and the future.

Motorologist Media Room: Everything from pictures to videos for fun, education, nostalgia and readers rides. The motorologist point of view when it comes to motor driven vehicles.

Car Works: How cars work from the very basic fundamentals to the latest technology and safety advances. Including how these safety features work and how they can save lives.

Car Buying Tips: Car buying advice for new and used cars including automobile financing and credit. Including used car inspections and step-by-step advice for buying cars without getting screwed. Our experts will provide you with all the tips and information you need to buy a new or used car and save a fortune. Plus tips for financing automobiles and avoiding car dealer scams.

Car Care and Maintenance: Taking care of your vehicle and how-to tips and advice for doing some things yourself if you like. Plus navigating a repair estimate and avoid being taken for a ride by a mechanic. From changing a tire to rebuilding a carburetor we got your back. Motorologist tips, advice and information.

Car Brochures: Looking for a brochure for a new or used car you are thinking about buying? This is the place for brochures that include a wide range of years, automakers and models. We don’t have every make and model available, but we are doing our best to add more brochures all the time. If you have a brochure in PDF format that we could include please drop us an email with it attached. Getting a new brochure from a dealership on a new car or trying to find a brochure on a used car can be rather difficult anymore, but we have you covered here at Motorologist.com

Auto Shows: Links, pictures and information on the Auto Shows and the latest offerings unveiled at these shows.

The objective of Motorologist.com is to help people navigate the world of cars and find information that can help them save some money. This a great place to learn about cars and every facet of cars. Please feel free to drop us an email with suggestions, requests and questions or to submit a picture to be posted on the site. Contact us at admin-at-motorologist.com


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