car girls and cars

Whether you realize it or not there is a common occurrence whenever cars and guys get together and that’s the car girl. Whether you go to the Auto Show, the racetrack or a Custom Car Show you can be sure that you will see some car girls. These car girls range from being scantily clad to being dressed for a night on the town. This natural phenomenon that has no explanation, but when people come to see cars in large numbers they are very likely to see some hot car girls pictures and in person.

It’s like an unwritten rule that makes going to an event that features cars and other vehicles a treat for the guys. They don’t come to these events to see car girls, they come to see cars, but fortunately they will see some cute car girls making the event a pleasant experience.

Cars and Car Girls Go Together Naturally

The combination of cars and car girls has been around ever since there has been some type event featuring automobiles. Some of these ladies are car fans themselves and others just make the cars look even better. Since is all about cars we thought it only made since set aside a section featuring car girls.

Take a closer look at the beautiful car girls and see for yourself how they manage to make every car look better. Sometimes its hard to take your eyes off the girl and look at  the car.

Click on a picture for a closer look at the Car Girls.

Send us pictures of your favorite Car Girls to post here.

Take a Look at the Car Wash Girls


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