Car Wash Girls

A good day for the Car Wash Girls

Sooner or later the car needs to be washed, but the task could actually be enjoyable with the help of these car wash girls. Whether it’s a car, truck or jeep they make it look like fun. It doesn’t matter if they are washing the hood, the roof, the wheels or the bumper it’s a pleasant experience to behold for the observer.

Car wash girls have been around for decades, as you will see in the photographs of these beautiful girls making dirty cars clean. A feast for the eyes that will make you want jump in and help them soap up these vehicles and rinse away the road grime.

Believe it or not some people don’t even realize that there are cars in these pictures of car wash girls, but I assure you that they are washing automobiles. When we decided to publish the website one the absolutely necessary sections were galleries of girls with cars. It was only natural because for some reason cars and girls go together. That might be sexist statement, but guys love cars and girls.

Car Wash Girls Make It Fun

These photographs of car wash girls range from one girl washing her car in the backyard, driveway or local self service car wash to the all out community of or public event. It goes to show you that cars need to be washed so you might as well enjoy the process or at least enjoy watching some beautiful girls handle the task and have fun getting it done.

You will see that these car wash girls are washing cars for all kinds of reasons beside cleaning cars. The car wash event has been used to raise money for schools, charities and the blood pressure of all kinds of guys that love cars and girls. Take a break and check out the photos of these beautiful car wash girls having fun, cleaning cars and entertaining the bystanders.

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