The nations largest auto show is located in Chicago Illinois. The Chicago Auto Show is a major event for the entire Midwest, which draws a huge crowd from several nearby states. Today the show is held every February, which is a great place to go when Chicago is in the grips of winter.

The original Chicago Auto Show was held March 23-30, 1901 and it was advertised to the general public by way of two small newspaper ads. The first show was held in the Coliseum Exposition Hall that was located on Wabash Ave between 15th and 16th street and hosted by Motor Age magazine.

However the Chicago Auto Show did not go on every year because the war and the effect it had on the country and the auto industry. The show is very rich in tradition and quite an event. If you have never been to an auto show you should make it a point to visit.

Back in 1901 the exhibit space was a mere $1.00 to $1.50 per square and general admission for the general public was only 50 cents. The first Chicago Auto Show had an invitation only event the day before the show opened for the 20,000 families of Chicago and the who’s who of Chicago were in attendance. That tradition has continued, but it has become a charity event that raises some big money for charity.

You can learn more at the Chicago Auto Show website that includes history, dates and advertisements not to mention a great collection of photographs from the show that goes back to 1901.

first Chicago Auto Show

Chicago Auto Show location

Chicago Auto Show displays

Chicago Auto Show floor

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The 2015 Chicago Auto Show Guide

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