Right on the front cover of the 1982 Ford Mustang brochure you see a bold lower right front image of the new model with “Look out world here comes 1982 Ford Mustang sales pamphletFord”. The new 1982 Mustang has changed and in several ways. The Ford Mustang for 1982 covers you from simmer to sizzle per the sales literature. Exciting, sporty and versatile is self-proclaimed by Ford, the 2-door is sporty and the 3-door is sleek and versatile. Both models include a wealth of standard features and equipment, but they also offer an impressive list of options and features that would make a luxury automaker green with envy. From flip roofs and T-roofs to 5 speeds and V-8 engines the Mustang has you covered from performance to versatility.

Once you thumb thorough the colorful 1982 Ford Mustang brochure you will clearly see that the 182 Mustang means business and pleasure. The new interior packages from Ford for the 1982 Mustang are impressive, the GLX series interior is graced with premium leather and looks like an Italian sports car. The full instrumentation offers even more than last year with features like low fuel, headlamp operation, brake and tail lamp operation and even washer fluid level. The new interior series also include the GL and L series, both with a variety of seat options and colors that will make blush.

1982 Ford Mustang brochure

Then the new interior option from the 1982 Ford Mustang brochure is the GT series. This new series offers reclining bucket seats, a newly designed GT instrumentation package and an amazing list of colors and fabrics. The 1982 Mustang is a prime example of the amount of engineering that goes into one of the most popular cars for such a long period. Ford has committed to make a better car year after year in all areas including performance, styling, economy and safety. The 1982 Mustang literature is a prime example of a car that just keeps getting better year after year.

See the1982 Ford Mustang Brochure and PDF Sales Literature

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