When you first thumb through the 1983 Ford Mustang brochure you notice that all but one picture yet every other 1983 Mustang brochure and sales literaturetrim level has a couple inside, standing next to the car or driving the car. It must be a couples car because everything I see here is for couples. Taken right from the pages of 1983 Mustang literature you are told that the new Mustang is the difference between just getting there and arriving. There never was a better time for you and Mustang to get together. The Boss Mustang GT described as one hot piece of American steel that just might leave the competition chasing its shadow.

When you jump into the new 1983 Ford Mustang brochure you will notice the trim level that bring more variety and luxury to the Mustang. The Mustang L 2-door features a 2.3 4-cylinder OHC engine with plenty of power to get up and go not to mention the 14” steel belted radial tires and halogen headlights. From there we move to the GL series 2-door or 3-door hatchback, which include all features of the L series and add sporty blackout window trim on the window frames and rocker panels. Don’t forget about the dual color coordinated accent stripes add a touch of richness to the protection molding system and the upper body sides.

1983 Ford Mustang brochure and booklet

The next step up is the Mustang GLX 2-door and 3-door with the features of the GL and added luxury of the GLX series. This includes rocker panel moldings and dual remote controlled color keyed side mirrors. From there the 1983 Ford Mustang brochure displays the Mustang GLX Convertible which allows four passenger to have the top down and let the wind run through their hair. The new convertible is engineered so the rear window does no have to be removed like earlier models. The GLX also features 3.8 liter V6 engine as standard equipment.

Now it’s time for the big dog, the Mustang GT available as a 3 door and a convertible. Performance is what the GT is all about because the 1983 Ford Mustang brochure tells us that the Boss is back. The Mustang GT has the Boss 302 CID V8 plus hood scoop, alloy wheels, black out grill and moldings, variable rack and pinion steering and a Traction Lock rear axle. Take a close look at the 1983 Mustang sales literature and head to the nearest dealer for a up close look.

See the1983 Ford Mustang Brochure and PDF Sales Literature

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