When you first look at the cover of the 1985 Ford Mustang brochure you will notice a different look and style of the sales literature. A clean look and when you open up the pamphlet you will see a letter from Donald E. Peterson the president on Ford Motor Company. The letter addresses Fords commitment to quality and how it impacts the 1985 Mustang and 1985 ½ SVO Mustang and an invitation to examine the entire line of Ford automobiles and experience Ford “Quality is Job 1 commitment. You will then see a contents page for this 1985 Mustang sales booklet.1985 Ford Mustang brochure and literature

The new Mustang is now available in 4 trim levels that start with the Mustang LX, the Mustang LX Convertible, the Mustang GT and the Mustang GT Convertible. The 1985 Ford Mustang brochure shown here is a cleaner and neater look with a large part of the focus being centered on engineering, quality standards and technology.

The engines of these new Mustangs are not your powerhouses from the past. These new Ford engines are finely tuned machines that are monitored and controlled by state-of-the-art computer that can process thousands of operations per second. These thousands of operations provide the new Mustang with incredible efficiency and awesome power to fill the drivers needs. The 1985 Ford Mustang brochure is much more than a bunch of photographs of someone driving a mustang. From turbo chargers to computers the 1985 Mustang is a technological marvel.

1985 Ford Mustang brochure

The 1985 Ford Mustang brochure does a great job of displaying the beautiful interiors of the new Mustang trim levels. You can select from a fabric interior on the Ford Mustang or a leather interior in a variety of colors to suit even the most particular drivers. From hardtop to the convertible the Mustang has a list of options that please every driver. Lets not forget about the 1985 Ford Mustang SVO brochure that includes some great graphics and detailed specifications. Feel free to download the 1985 Mustang PDF brochure for your own use.

See the 1985 Ford Mustang Brochure PDF Sales Pamphlet

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