The Maybach is not your typical automobile, far from it in fact and you would typically be hard pressed to see a Maybach on the streets in your daily travels. You will see here that the Maybach brochures and sales catalogs are almost as hard to find as the car itself. With a price tag that starts in the six-figure range that can run up to seven figures for a vehicle is hard to swallow except for a select few that can afford such luxuries. The Maybach automobile is a special order vehicle that is built and tailored to the customer, so forget about driving from dealer to dealer see the options and colors.

Maybach brochures

1938 Maybach SW 38

Wilhelm Maybach a well-known German engineer the built the first Maybach automobile in Germany in 1919. He was responsible for designing the first Mercedes Benz back in 1901 and worked on the Zeppelins in Germany. The first Maybach was based on a Mercedes chassis and after several experiments and changes the first Maybach built for the public was introduced in 1921 at the Berlin Auto Show. These vehicles were too exclusive for most people so you rarely see Maybach brochures.

Maybach booklets

Maybach Zeppelin

Maybach introduced several others models over the years, but one that really made people take notice was the Zeppelin DS 8. This highly admired automobile featured a 200 horsepower V-12 engine and could hit a speed of 93 mph. Then in 1936 Maybach offered a limousine that could seat seven passengers that went by the name of the Type SW38. I think you will find a Maybach brochure or picture that shows the SW38. Over the next few decades Maybach turned their attention to manufacturing engines for marine and the military and in the 1960s Daimler-Benz (parent of Mercedes Benz) purchased Maybach.

You didn’t hear much from Maybach until Mercedes Benz focused on bringing the Maybach automobile back to life in the late 1990s and early 2000s. They introduced two models the 57 and the 62. We have some of the Maybach brochures and sales booklets of the 57 and 62 here. The Maybach line is defunct today, but Mercedes Benz does offer a Mercedes-Maybach model that is quite exclusive and expensive.

Maybach sales literature

1939 Maybach SW42 Limo

Maybach Brochures and Sales Catalogs


Maybach Car Brochures
Maybach 57 & 62 Brochure
Maybach 57S Brochure
Maybach 62 & 62S Brochure
Maybach 62S Brochure
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Maybach Miscellaneous Brochures
Maybach 57S Equipment Brochure

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