The Studebaker car company is one that starts a very long time ago when we talking about cars. I went back and forth trying to decide if we should include the Studebaker brochures and finally decide it should be included because of the name it name for so many years. Studebaker was originally started in 1852 as a wagon and carriage manufacturer. It wasn’t until 1902 that Studebaker got into the electric car business and 1904 when they started with gasoline engines.

Studebaker brochures and booklets

1908 Studebaker Limo

Like many of the early car companies Studebaker has worked and even partnered with other

Studebaker brochures

1912 Studebaker Bus

companies in its long history. These early partnerships included the Graford Company of Ohio that was a parts manufacturer of first bicycle and the car parts. Studebaker also partnered with EMF Company, which was a company that consisted of 3 men that were managers that came from Cadillac, Ford and an auto body maker. The first all Studebaker manufactured car was built in South Bend, Indiana in 1912. See the Early Studebaker brochures and booklets for some amazing vehicles from back in the day.

Studebaker continued to build their own vehicles that earned a reputation for reliability and quality. The Studebaker brochures we have here portray a very impressive automobile. However Studebaker had some financial problems in the 1950s and merged with the luxury automaker Packard. The Studebaker-Packard Corporation was born, but the financial problems persisted. The Packard name was dropped in 1962 and Studebaker continued to struggle until 1967 when the doors were closed on Studebaker.

Studebaker brochures and information

1916 Studebaker Speedster

Today there are a few people working to keep the Studebaker name alive. You can still visit the Studebaker website via the link below and read more about their efforts. There is a wealth of information about Studebaker at Wikipedia.

Studebaker brochures and catalogs

1953 Studebaker Commander

Studebaker brochures and literature

1966 Last Studebaker Built

Studebaker Brochures and PDF Sales Literature

Studebaker Brochures
1903 Studebaker Electric Car Brochure
1918 Studebaker Brochure
1928 Studebaker Brochure
1929 Studebaker Commander Brochure
1929 Studebaker Truck Brochure
1933 Studebaker LIne Brochure
1955 Studebaker Speedster Brochure

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