Full steam ahead for the 1966 Mustang, only a few minor changes were made to America’s favorite car. You will soon notice once you take a look at the 1966 Ford Mustang brochure that it’s loaded with standard features. Only a couple hundred dollars and you can upgrade from the standard couple to the convertible model, that was a sweet deal, no wonder the Mustang was so popular.

1966 Ford Mustang brochure and sales catalog

The prices for the 1966 Ford Mustang were raised marginally yet still a great deal for this popular car. The standard coupe comes in at $2,416, the Fastback was $2,607, and the Mustang convertible was $2,652. The standard features on the 1966 Mustang were amazing, they included plush bucket seats, pleated vinyl trim, sports steering wheel, full wheel covers, padded dash, full carpeting and seats belts both front and rear. Now if that wasn’t enough they also included electric windshield washers and wipers, back-up lights and emergency flashers. See the 1966 Ford Mustang brochure below for the full list of standard and optional features.

Mustang sales were up for 1966 with production topping out at just over 600,000 units. Once again the standard coupe was the big seller with 422,416 Mustangs being built and second place was held by the luxury coupe with 55,938 vehicles manufactured. Engine options for the Mustang remained the same in 1966 as they were in 1965; take a look at the 1966 Ford Mustang brochure below for all the details including color choices and optional features. The Mustang was a car that crossed all the lines from family car to sports car and all at a reasonable price.

Could you imagine having to pay extra for options the 1966 Mustang that included in the base models of most cars? Options such as the inside remote control outside mirror, day/night inside mirror, 2-speed wipers, tinted windows, limited slip differential, white wall tires and a rear radio speaker. Regardless the 1966 Ford Mustang brochure shows us a great car at a great price that the American car buyers loved and desired.



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