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Ford Mustang Brochures and CatalogsThe Ford Mustang has become a legendary vehicle among American automobiles. The Ford Motor Company had been working on this vehicle for years before its introduction in April 1964. Ford called the 1965 Ford Mustang, but the hardcore enthusiasts still call it the 1964 ½ Mustang. Fortunately we have a collection of PDF Ford Mustang brochures that range from 1964 ½ to present day.

The original concept car for the Ford Mustang was put together starting with a Falcon chassis, which was a compact car at the time. There were several versions that were tried and tested before the one we have come to know and love was released for sale to the consumer. The mustang evolved into a sports car over the years, but the first ones were more of a compact car. The Ford Mustang was a huge success when it was launched and continues to be a player even today. Take a look at the Ford Mustang brochures below and see the changes that made this automobile a huge victory for the company.

Ford Mustang 2007

Some auto industries insiders say that the Ford Mustang created a whole new class of cars know as the “pony car”. The record sales and consumer desire for the Mustang paved a new road for the competition, but Ford was leading the pack. The Ford Mustang was hot and sales were brisk. It wasn’t long before the other American automakers were chasing the Mustang with their offerings. Not longer after the Mustang changed the marketplace the Dodge Challenger, AMC Javelin, Plymouth Barracuda and the Chevrolet Camaro come on the scene. Not only do we have the Ford Mustang brochures, but we also have the competitors brochures named above.

The Ford Mustang has been reworked and reinvented several times over the years. Some of these changes were drastic and changed the whole look of the Mustang. The breakdown of the transformations is listed below as well as the Ford Mustang brochures for each generation.

1st Generation Ford Mustang Brochure

First generation Ford Mustang 1964 ½ to 1973. Like most people this is my favorite generation of the iconic Ford Mustang. Strong classic lines and clean styling. Not the sports car that it has become, but still a beautiful car.


1975 Ford Mustang Brochures

Second generation Ford Mustang 1974 to 1978. The second generation is definitely not my tastes, but some people still though they were hot. The Mustang got softened up in my opinion.


3rd gebration mustang brochures

Third generation Ford Mustang 1979 to 1993. I feel the same way about the third generation Ford Mustang and I think they were trying to attract a different type of car buyer. Just look at the Ford Mustang brochures and you will see what I am talking about.


4th generation Ford Mustang pamphlets

Fourth generation Ford Mustang 1994 to 2004. Here we go another generation of ordinary in my book for the Ford Mustang. I almost feel that Ford has turned their back on this once majestic ride.


5th generation Mustang catalogs

Fifth generation Ford Mustang 2005 to 2014 Great news the Ford Mustang is back and looking like a powerful Mustang rather than a compact car. Strong lines, good looks and power to spare, thank you Ford for bringing the Mustang back to life.


6th generation Mustang sales catalogs

Sixth generation Ford Mustang from 2015 to ? The sixth generation has smoothed out slightly, but is still looks great. It’s nice to see a true classic ride again.


PDF Ford Mustang Brochures

Ford Mustang Brochures 6th Generation
2015 Ford Mustang Brochure
2016 Ford Mustang Brochure
2017 Ford Mustang Brochure
2018 Ford Mustang

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