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One quick and easy way to describe the new Mustang for 1970 is bigger, better, faster and more because that’s what Ford is bringing to the table with their newest edition. Once you see the 1970 Ford Mustang brochure you will understand what I am saying. It has more features, more options and more power. The 1970 Mustang has options and trims designed to appeal to a broad range of car buyers from the gear head to the snob.

Sales of the 1970 Mustang have slowed down a bit compared to the first couple of years, but they are still brisk. Overall production totaled 198,239 vehicles. The leader of the pack is still the standard coupe at 82,569 unit and second place being held by the Mustang Fastback at 45,934 and third place is the Mustang Fastback Mach 1 at 40,970. The smallest build was the Mustang Boss 429 with only 499 vehicles. The low build was probably for a couple of reasons; one being the price and the other reason was probably to create a higher demand. Hard to say why, but there a lot of collectors that would love to put their hands on a 1970 Mustang Boss 429, one look at the 1970 Ford Mustang brochure and you will know why.

Pricing of the 1970 Mustang was quite a wide range that went from $2,721 for the standard coupe to $4,928 for Boss 429. Shelling out nearly five-grand for a new car was not common at that time, but there were plenty of people that wanted the power and style of the 1970 Mustang. Wet are really talking about a gear head or muscle car here and there will always be motor heads will to pay the big bucks for performance. Spend some time with the 1970 Ford Mustang brochure and notice the different types of buyers Ford is trying to sell that include men, women, regular folks, snobs, professionals and even gear-heads.

You can personalize your Mustang by choosing from 16 exterior colors and a variety of interior fabrics shown in the sales catalog. Not to mention the nine power-plants and transmissions. Read the 1970 Ford Mustang brochure closely and you will notice that the 1970 Mustang can solve all kinds of problems that include everything from your career to your love life. When you take a look at the advertising of the time you can’t help but laugh at the advertising methods of the past.

See the 1970 Ford Mustang Brochure

See the 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 Pamphlet

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