1972 Ford Mustand brochure

The 1972 Ford Mustang brochure opens with the tagline “The Driving Machine”. What Mustang does best is go places. It’s an exciting new blend of beauty and action at an easy to handle price. The 1972 Mustang is available in 5 sporty models which include the hardtop, Sports-Roof, convertible, Grande and Mach 1 which is really the same as the previous year. You can your new Mustang in 16 colors, which include seven new colors, which include two new Color Glow shades. The interior vinyl is available in 6 colors and there is even a cloth vinyl combination for the Grande lovers.

The 1972 Mustang is doing there best to compete with the other automakers, but sales are not what they were, they continue to decrease as the competitors bring their own offerings to the market. Still a hot car, but not what it once was. The engine options have been trimmed down to five choices, which are the 250 six-cylinder, 302 V-8 and 3 different horsepower options on the famous Ford 351 V-8. Prices for the new Mustang have changed only slightly because of sales and competition. The coupe is offered at $2,679, Fastback standard is $2,736, Coupe Grande $2,865, convertible $2,965 and the Fastback Mach 1 tops out at $3,003. The new 1972 Ford Mustang brochure covers more of the options and safety features than it has in the past.

Production numbers of the 1972 Mustang have dropped from the previous year by over 25,000 cars. The coupe is the leader with 57,350 cars built, the Fastback Mach 1 really picked up the pace with 27,675 cars built, coupe Grande build was 18,045, standard Fastback was 16,622 and the convertible was low model build with 6,121 units. You can see how the price changes and the shrinkage of the model options shifted the numbers each model built. The 1972 Ford Mustang brochure PDF is all about personalization of your Mustang in order to appeal to wider group of car buyers.

1972 Mustang options like the Hurst shifter, Sports Deck Rear Seat, Instrumentation Group and many other options allow you to make your Mustang the way you want it. With the options that Ford offered for the Mustang you could have a cheap luxury car or a powerful street racer. Its all about choices and options, when you read the 1972 Ford Mustang brochure or download it in PDF format you will see the numerous ways that you can create your own 1972 Mustang.

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