1973 ford mustang brochure

The 1973 Ford Mustang brochure does a great job of selling the new Mustang and sales were up over last year, which is a first since the Mustang was introduced. The five models of Mustang seem to be the key to increasing sales along with the pricing. The coupe hardtop, convertible, Grande, Fastback and fastback Mach 1 seem to be the right combination. Being able to personalize your Mustang is still a big selling point and the available options. Safety continues to be a bigger and bigger feature not only for the consumer, but also to meet ever-increasing government standards and consumer testing.

There were plenty of Mustangs that were all about the performance, but not nearly as many as were family cars, young professionals and the ladies. Women became a larger and larger segment of car buyers that couldn’t be ignored in the 1970s and Ford knew that. One you look at the 1973 Ford Mustang brochure PDF and you will see how important the women were as buyers and influencing Mustang buyers. The options included features like power windows, “SelectAire” conditioner, “SelectShift” transmission, center console, AM/FM radio and full instrumentation.

The new 1973 Mustang had something for everybody. The elevated production numbers for the 1973 models were 134,867 units. They consisted of the always-popular coupe at 51,480 units, Fastback Mach 1 at 35,440 units, coupe Grande 25,274 units, convertible 11,853 units and the regular Fastback Mustang at 10,820 units. Build numbers seem to be shifting a bit for the different models reflecting the type of Mustang buyers Ford was anticipating in 1973. The 1971 Ford Mustang brochure does a great job of selling the car and hitting the hot buttons of the car buyers in 1973.

Some of the greatest options yet included Dual Ram Air Induction, Mustang Vinyl Roof, Forged Aluminum Wheels, Dual Racing Mirrors, 4 different wheel covers, power front disc brakes and so much more. However the 173 Mustang engine choices have been trimmed down to four choices and the new colors including Metallic glow paints in Icy Glow, Metallic Blue and Metallic Gold were a nice addition. Download or review the 1973 Ford Mustang brochure PDF for more information and details about the newest classic from Ford.

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