1975 Ford Mustang brochure

The 1975 Ford Mustang brochure tells us that the Mustang is the new look of success. The small personal car that is all about luxury is their selling feature. The sales catalog is loaded with couples enjoying their success in their new Mustang. So much for a high performance vehicle, it seems to be all about young professionals.

The second generation of the Mustang is all about car buyers that have disposal income and enjoying life before they start looking for a minivan. From pictures of the hideous colored interior choices to the third door hatchback the Mustang has completely gone mainstream. The 1975 Ford Mustang brochure leaves me feeling like I need to start look at other automakers offerings. Fuel economy is a big item in 1975 because oil prices and more options than ever before can be found in the 1975 Mustang.

Just as in 1974 the new Mustang for 1975 has four models the hardtop, GHIA, 2+2 and the Mach 1. The look and feel of the 1975 Mustang brochure is that of the previous year with much of the same fluff and graphics. Some much for the Mustang being a classic, I sure this a marketing and sales decision more than anything else.

You can now get a Mustang II with a 302 V-8 engine than the 4 cylinders or V-6. Forged aluminum wheels and spoke wheels are available for dressing up your Mustang along things like luggage rack and sunroof. The GHIA model seems to be a big area of focus for the Mustang stressing luxury, affordability and economy. Even the Mustang Mach 1 looks like a mainstream coupe. No pizzazz, no power and no style, just another car to drive around in suburbia. If you are still a fan of the 1975 Ford Mustang brochure you can download the PDF and save it until the Mustang comes back to its former glory as a sports car.

See the 1975 Ford Mustang Brochure

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