When you open the 1976 Ford Mustang brochure we are greeted with the new Mustang and young couples in a variety of outdoor activities. The new 1976 Mustang coupe is available in several different configurations. We have the Mustang II 3 door 2+2, Mustang II hardtop, Mustang II Mach 1 that has a Cobra option. However in my opinion the Cobra option on this new Mustang is a far cry from what we think of when we talk about a Cobra Mustang. However with the fuel crunch and the rising price of gasoline the public embraced the new Mustang for economy and styling. The was I see it now and the way I saw it then was that the 1976 Mustang was popular choice for the vehicle for females. That’s right a girl’s car, but that is strictly my opinion and based only on my personal thoughts.

1976 Ford Mustang brochure

Lets not leave out the Mustang II Ghia which is the luxury version displayed in the 1976 Ford Mustang brochure. This luxury edition sports vinyl roof, body side tape stripes, hood ornament, opera windows, body side moldings, deluxe wheel covers and radial tires. Most of these things we consider standard equipment today, but that just goes to show you how spoiled we are when it comes to our automobiles. What we consider a luxury version in 1976 versus today is very different, but that’s why it’s so great to read old car sales literature.

When it comes to options being available in the 1976 Ford Mustang brochure there is no shortage. You can customize your new Mustang in many different ways from appearance products, engine and transmission combinations, audio configurations, comfort and convenience, performance and economy. The colors and the interior choices and fabric are very accommodating unlike your choices today. This is not to say that the standard features aren’t sufficient because they are for back in 1976. The Mustang is a legend but in my opinion they dropped the ball in this whole Mustang II lineup.

You can take a closer look at the basic specifications in 1976 Ford Mustang brochure as well as dimensions and capacities. The catch phrase for the new Mustang is “The closer you look, the better we look. The new Mustang in the small, sporty personal car from Ford.

See the 1976 Ford Mustang Pamphlet

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