The 1978 Ford Mustang II takes you away from an ordinary day. That is the catch phrase from the 1978 Ford Mustang brochure found on the front cover of the sales literature. There is no question that it is the 1970’s when you look at all the photographs of the new Mustang and the styles of the models have fun with their Mustangs. The 1978 Ford Mustang brings us into the third generation of this legendary automobile. The new fashion accessory interior is an option most likely for the female customer or at least that’s what it seems like in the sales literature.

With 1978 model Ford continues to offer options galore, which is obvious in the 1978 Ford Mustang brochure. We can start with the Mustang II hardtop and move on to the Ford Mustang II Ghia, which is described as elegance personified. However we don’t stop there because we still have Mustang 2+2, the Mustang Mach 1 and lets not forget about the Ford Mustang II Cobra and new for this year is the Mustang King Cobra.

1978 Ford Mustang brochure and pamphlet

The King Cobra from the 1978 Ford Mustang brochure is known as the new king of the road. The newest of the Mustang trims level for 1978 the King Cobra features unique tape treatment pin-striping, King Cobra spelled out on both sides and trunk deck lid, distinctive hood scoop with emblem, unique front air dam, color keyed dual sport mirrors, rear quarter flares and much more including the Cobra snake trademark.

Performance is the new buzzword when we talk about the 1978 Ford Mustang brochure with the King Cobra. This machine offers a 5.0 302 CID 2V V8 engine, 4 speed floor shift, power front disc brakes, power steering, raised white letter radial tires, black windshield wiper arms, rocker panel and door moldings and optional t-roofs. The 1978 Mustang King Cobra has whit it takes to be the King of the road. Take a close look at the 1978 Ford Mustang sales literature and you will understand why the Mustang was such a popular vehicle.

See the 1978 Ford Mustang Brochure

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