Take a look at the first page of the 1986 Ford Mustang brochure and you will learn that a 1985 survey of Ford owners named Ford cars the best-built 1986 Ford Mustang brochure sales pamphletAmerican cars. This survey was based on the average number of problems owners had in the prior 6 months on 1981 to 1984 models. Ford once again reminds us that Quality is Job 1 at the Ford Motor Company.

1986 Ford Mustang sales literatureWhen take a look at the table of contents in the 1986 Ford Mustang brochure we notice the individual sections that consist of the following. The Ford Mustang environment, Ford Mustang LX, Ford Mustang GT, Ford Mustang SVO, Ford performance, preferred equipment packages, features, options, colors, trims, safety and owner information.

The interior of the 1986 Ford Mustang is designed for function, comfort and versatility. When you sit in the drivers seat you are in front of the command center filled with gauges and controls that puts you in command. Your seat is firm and supportive like the best sports cars and adjustable to suit every driver. You will notice a tachometer, speedometer, trip odometer, coolant temperature, and ammeter and oil pressure gauges. Controls for the interval windshield wipers, turn signals, headlamp dimmer and flash to pass features are mounted on the steering column at your fingertips. Notice the dash picture found in the Mustang GT talked from the 1986 Ford Mustang brochure.

1986 Ford Mustang brochure

Going through the 1986 Ford Mustang brochure you will notice that there is no shortage of features, options and accessories. The new 1986 Mustang has preferred equipment packages that bundle your options and accessories to compliment the trim levels, which allows for a wider inventory and availability. You will also notice in the Mustang sales literature that you can get your Mustang in any of twelve colors and an array of accessories. Last, but not least the brochure covers the safety features and the standard equipment that keep both drivers and passengers safer.

See the 1986 Ford Mustang Brochure and PDF Sales Literature

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