When you read every word of the 1989 Ford Mustang brochure you soon realize that there is a lot of thought put into the Mustang. Whether you re looking for a stock street racer or a stylish daily driver the Mustang can be equipped to handle your wants and needs. Mustang is proud to be one of the fastest manufacturers built cars on the road today according to the sales literature it can also look good and be a dependable vehicle whether you are cruising the boulevard or taking the kids to school. The Mustang has something for everyone.

1989 Ford Mustang brochure

How about we talk about performance for a bit because that is what the 1988 Mustang brochure has been touting as long as I an remember. The pony has a powerful 5.0 liter V-8 engine, a finely tuned suspension system that is tight for the sporty drive that features gas struts in the front and the Ford Quadra shock system and traction lock axle in the rear. But wait there is so much more like the 5 speed manual transmission with overdrive, rack and pinion quick ratio steering, and Goodyear P225/60VR-15 radials on alloy wheels. If performance is your thing you will notice the second 1989 Saleen Mustang brochure PDF shown below.

Now lets take a lap through the 1998 Ford Mustang brochure when it comes to the interior. The Mustang features a full compliment of gauges that includes oil pressure, tachometer, voltmeter and speedometer. Then we have the tilt wheel and reclining front bucket seats that are firm racing style seats that feature side bolsters under thigh support and lumbar support. The brake and gas pedals are positioned exactly so you can do heel and toe downshifting if you so desire. Now that’s performance and it’s about a lot more than a big motor, but that’s a good start.

1989 Ford Mustang brochure PDF pamphlet

However if you are concerned about the performance aspect of the Mustang you can still drive car that engineered to perform well even in ordinary everyday situations and keep you safe at the same time. The 1989 Ford Mustang brochure does a good job of showing us the LX model with all the design elements, power options, and accessories. The engineering is top notch through the model whether it’s a Mustang GT or the Mustang LX.

See the 1989 Ford Mustang Brochure PDF and Sales Booklet

See the 1989 Ford Saleen Mustang Pamphlet

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Link to 1989 Mustang Brochure

Link to 1989 Saleen Mustang Brochure


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