Turn the page and feel the energy that 1996 Ford Mustang brochure is creating with the Mustang GT convertible shown in white clear coat metallic. Can you feel the power, can you feel the energy, can you feel the desire swelling up inside you to jump into the cockpit and put the pedal to the metal? Of course you can, you can’t wait to put a Mustang through its paces. The sales literature does a great job of making you think about experiencing the car.

1996 Ford Mustang brochure

You will notice that for the last several years that there are only 2 models which are the Mustang and the Mustang GT. The 1996 Ford Mustang brochure shows us several photographs that portray the Mustang with different packages and options that make the Mustang look like it has many different models. The styling is great and the options are amazing, but don’t forget about the engineering and safety features. Dual air bags with three point safety belts are amazing and they will save many lives. However there is much more like crush zones that absorb shock to protect the passengers and a standard anti-theft system when you are not in your Mustang.

Jump into the New Mustang and experience the cockpit that a racing enthusiast would envy. Experience the sport bucket seats, the tilt steering wheel, center console armrest/storage compartment and cup holder. Look around and notice the curved instrument panel with full analog gauges, tachometer, speedometer, voltmeter and temperature gauge. Then take a look at the optional Mach 460 sound system with 460 watts of peak power. The 1996 Ford Mustang brochure doesn’t do justice to the audio system shown in the pages here of the sales literature.

1996 Ford Mustang sales literature

Are you ready to go out and get your new Mustang? The ownership experience section of the 1996 Ford Mustang brochure provides a wealth of information about all the roadside assistance program which even includes fuel delivery, jump start, flat tire change and lockout assistance. Plus there is more extended service plans, financing and warranty.

See the 1996 Ford Mustang Brochure PDF and Sales Pamphlets

See the 1996 Ford Mustang Saleen Brochure PDF

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