Opening up the 1998 Ford Mustang brochure may cause you to reminisce for a moment or two. The first picture is that of the original Mustang that takes me back and the text is about the history that includes names like Cobra, Mach 1 and Boss 302. According to the sales literature the Mustang is about freedom and independence. There nothing quite like the Mustang it brought us affordability and performance at the same time. Mustang made driving fun for over thirty years and plan on making it fun for a long time to come. The Mustang sales pamphlet makes you want to take it for a spin.

1998 Ford Mustang brochure

You will notice that not only do we have the 1998 Ford Mustang brochure, but we also have the 1998 Ford Mustang Cobra SVT brochure. 1998 was the year that the Mustang spent some time on the racetrack. You will see the photograph of Tommy Kendall’s Mustang Cobra at the Trans-Am championship and Jason Priestley’s Mustang Cobra R SVT with a 5.8liter V-8 300hp engine that he raced in the Professional Sports Car Series. Plus the John Force Castrol GTX Mustang Funny Car, which was the winningest funny car in the history of NHRA.

1998 Ford Mustang sales literature

One of my favorite parts of the 1998 Ford Mustang brochure was the picture of the three old school Mustangs together. The engineering of the Mustang is noted when we talk about performance and the V-6 and V-8 engine choices. The most recent Mustang powerhouse is the 4.6-liter SEFI V-8. This fine engine features a cast iron crankshaft that is internally balanced, aluminum heads and a cast iron block with deep-skirts. The 4.6-liter is equipped with EEC-V computer controlled electronics to ensure proper ignition timing and fuel injection precision to maximize performance. You will also notice that you can see your Ford Dealer for SVO parts if you want to tweak your Mustang for even higher performance.

See the 1998 Ford Mustang Brochure PDF and Sales Literature

See the 1998 Ford Mustang Cobra SVT Brochure

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