When I first opened up the 1999 Ford Mustang brochure I felt like something has changed. Something felt different about this Mustang, but there weren’t any major changes at this time, but the sales literature changed and it did a great job of getting me excited about the Mustang. Maybe it was just I, but I like the brochure and the car looks pretty good too. Lots of colorful pictures and great scenes and locations that make the 1999 Ford Mustang look sporty, stylish and fast. A little top of the original Mustang blended with the 1999 Mustang is a nice touch and brings some excitement to this iconic automobile.

1999 Ford Mustang brochure

The 1999 Mustang GT is black is very sharp and the GT convertible in yellow should have a hot girl driving. Either way the 1999 Ford Mustang brochure is doing a great job of selling the car. It looks like fun, it looks sporty and it makes want to take it for a drive and I am sure you will want to you also after you check out the sales literature. Some of the small details really hit the mark on the new Mustang GT like the stainless steel polished tailpipe, dual fog lights and the contoured rear deck spoiler.

1999 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra brochure PDF

Once you open the door and jump into the interior you will be amazed the special treatment that the 1999 Ford Mustang brochures displays. The Interior is equipped “Premium Sound” CD/cassette as standard equipment, but you can always opt for the Mach 460 with 460 watts of raw energy. If safety is a concern you can rest assured you will be safe with the second-generation airbags for driver and passenger. If you take your time and read the sales pamphlet you will discover all the extras that come with the 1999 Mustang, from engines and horsepower to fuel injection, suspension and ABS brakes.

See the 1999 Ford Mustang Brochure PDF and Sales Pamphlet

See the 1999 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra Brochure

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