Impressive is the first word comes to mind when I look at the 2009 Ford Mustang brochure. The sales literature has twice as many pages as the last several years and they have made good use of them. Besides an impressive cover photo the next page displays the first factory built racecar in Ford history. This beast was built for the Mustang challenge pro-racing series, 325-hp Mustang FR500S. The history of Mustang racing is also shown that spans from 1964 to 2007 and then obviously the 2009 model shown. From there we go to the Mustang GT Premium in black with 300-hp. To quote the sales pamphlet “The Braun, The Baditiude. The Beast.”

2009 Ford Mustang brochure

Next up in the 2009 Ford Mustang brochure we have the Mustang V-6 Premium in Grabber Orange and sporting a Pony Package in an action shot. The 2009 Mustang is cornering and making use of the front and rear stabilizers, MacPherson struts, 3-link rear suspension and outboard mounted shocks. Looking good and next up is the Mustang V-6 with 210-hp in Torch Red and it includes a body kit containing side scoops, rear spoiler, hood scoop and 17” painted black aluminum wheels with chrome spinners.

2009 Ford Mustang sales literature PDF

Then we have the Mustang GT Premium with the California Special and GT appearance package. Shown in performance white rolling down the highway with the top down and the sun in the background. We are only a third of the way into the 2009 Ford Mustang brochure when we see the impressive interiors that are available for the different trim levels of the 2009 Mustang. Fabrics, leathers, accents, trim and so much more, you need to take a look at this Mustang sales literature to appreciate the options. Then you can browse through all the Ford Racing Parts that are available for your Mustang that range from shift levers to Superchargers and everything in between.

See the 2009 Ford Mustang Brochure

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