What do you feel when you browse through the 2010 Ford Mustang brochure, is it excitement, fun, powerful or thrilling? The new Mustang sales literature is all about emotions, the kind of emotions that make you want to experience the Mustang. You can hardly sit still in your seat when you open up the brochure and see the pictures of the Mustang in action. Then you flip the page to the 2008 Mustang Shelby GT500 with its 540 horsepower and 510 lb. ft. of torque all feeding into a rear axle with a ratio 3.55. The 5.4-liter V-8 with a supercharged boost, twin disc clutch and Goodyear F1 Supercar 19” tires are all about the power and the performance and the good looks are just a bonus.

2010 Ford Mustang brochure

Lets flip to the next section of the 2010 Ford Mustang brochure and discover the all-new phenomenal interior that boasts a one-piece curved instrument panel. The finest materials are used here and it shows including the center console, comfortable shift position, ice blue controls and voice activated Ford SYNC. The center stack is restyled and the bolstered seating is finely detailed including the stitching. It’s very inviting and makes you think of power and comfort at the same time.

2010 Ford Mustang sales literature PDF

Next we see the traditional Mustang V-6 and Mustang GT trim levels, but new to these models are the glass roof Mustang for 2010. This glass roof is tinted and made of high performance safety glass and it includes a sunshade you prefer the dark. The amount and variety of accessories shown in the 2010 Ford Mustang brochure are very impressive. Window louvers, hood scoops, side scoops, spoilers, hood and side stripes, super packs, handling packs and much more. Take a closer look at the sales literature and discover the options for your 2010 Mustang.

See the 2010 Ford Mustang Brochure

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