Isuzu brochures and logoIsuzu Motors is the oldest automaker from japan and it all began in 1916 Ishikawajima Shipbuilding and Engineering Co., Ltd. formed a partnership with the Tokyo Gas and Electric Industrial Co. to build automobiles. Sorry we don’t have some of those Isuzu brochures or sales catalogs. The partnership project started moving forward in 1918 when they contracted with Wolseley Motors Limited. They secured exclusive rights to produce and sell Wolseley vehicles in East Asia. The first vehicle hit the streets in 1922 vehicle and named the A-9, which was a passenger car. The two years later they introduced the “CP” truck, which was built until 1927.

In 1933 the group known as Ishikawajima Motor Works merged with DAT Automobile Manufacturing, Inc. (to become Datsun down the road) and called themselves Sumiya and Chiyoda, but changed the name in 1934 to Isuzu after the river. Isuzu Motors continued to make many different products, but diesel engines and trucks were the core business. Our focus here are cars and light vehicles in the United States, however you see that we are quite limited in our list of Isuzu brochures and sales literature.Isuzu Ascender

Isuzu Motors started doing business in the states in 1981 with a variety of vehicles that were built and re-branded or vehicles from other automakers. They ranged everywhere from GM, Chevrolet, Suzuki, Buick, Vauxhall, Subaru, Land Rover, Toyota and Honda. If you do some extensive research on Isuzu you will find that they have worked with practically every automaker in the world at some point. The good news is that we do have some Isuzu brochures, but they are limited and often have several models in the piece of sales literature.Isuzu Trooper

The vehicles that we are most familiar with here in the United States are as follows:

Isuzu Amigo – The Amigo was like a small passenger with a pick-up/passenger bed. They were built from 1989 to1994 and then 1998 to 2003.

Isuzu Ascender – An SUV, formerly a Trooper built from 2003 to 2008

Isuzu Axiom – An SUV by Subaru that was built from 2002 to 2004

Isuzu Impulse – Passenger car that was built from 1983 to 1993

Isuzu I-Mark – Sub-Compact Passenger car built from 1974 to 1989Isuzu Pickup

Isuzu P’up or Pup – This was Pick Up Truck built from 1980 to 1987 and then change to Isuzu pickup from 1988 to 1995 and then renamed the Hombre until 2000 and eventually replaced by the i-Series.

Isuzu Oasis – A minivan built from 1996 to 1999.

Isuzu Stylus – A compact car built from 1990 to 1993.

Isuzu Trooper – An SUV that was built from 1989 to 2002Isuzu Oasis minivan

Isuzu continues to built quality diesel engines and passenger vehicles, but we don’t see them in the United States anymore, however that could change. We are always looking for more Isuzu brochures and sales catalogs so drop us a line if you have access.

Isuzu Brochures and PDF Sales Literature


Isuzu Brochures
2002 Isuzu Brochure
1994 Isuzu Brochure
1987 Isuzu Brochure
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Isuzu Website

Isuzu at Wikipedia


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