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Lexus Brochures and Sales Catalogs -
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Lexus literatureThe Lexus brand is a luxury division of Toyota that came to being in the late 1980s. Toyota was successful and growing around the world when they decided it was time to launch a luxury division. The Toyota chairman ta the time issued a challenge to build the world’s best car. After much vehicle and market research the Lexus luxury division of Toyota was formed. Lexus built many prototypes and concept vehicles for test and formally launched Lexus for the U.S. market with two models the LS400 and ES250. These Lexus cars unveiled in 1989 for the 1990 model year. Lexus brochures and sales literature followed shortly thereafter.

The Lexus LS400 was a success with the industry experts, critics and the American public. The LS400 was powered by a well-built V-8 engine and loaded with luxury features both inside and out. The Lexus was comparable higher priced European luxury brands at a lower overall cost to own. The LS 400 was hit along with the Lexus ES250. It didn’t take long and Lexus was built their luxury vehicles for the Canadian, Australian and United Kingdom markets including Lexus brochures.

Lexus brochures

Lexus grew quickly and after only a few years they expanded the line to include the SC300 and SC400 coupe and the GS300, which was the Lexus brands first luxury performance car. By the end of the 1990s Lexus launched more models to round out the line that included SUVs that included the LX45, LX470 and the RX300. Lexus had already sold over one million vehicles in the United States alone. Lexus was hot and for all the right reasons. Check out the Lexus brochures and sales literature below and you will understand why Lexus is hot.

Lexus sales catalogs

The Lexus was the luxury car of choice and they continued to innovate and built a quality line of luxury automobiles. In 2005 the Lexus was so popular that they actually started selling the brand in Japan, which was first for any Japanese automaker. Honda had launched the Acura brand and Nissan launched their Infiniti line of luxury vehicles, but the Lexus was still the king of luxury automobile by a Japanese automaker. The Lexus continues year after year to come out on the top of the list for quality, reliability, dependability and comfort. Lexus also introduced what is called a super car in 2011, Lexus LFA that continues to sell out every year because it builds only 500 a year at a price of more than a half million dollars each. See the Lexus brochures and PDF sales catalogs for yourself.

Lexus Brochures and PDF Sales Literature

Lexus CT Brochures
2017 Lexus CT Brochure
2016 Lexus CT Brochure
2015 Lexus CT Brochure
2014 Lexus CT Brochure
2013 Lexus CT Brochure
2012 Lexus CT Brochure
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Lexus ES Brochures
2017 Lexus ES & ES Hybrid Brochure
2016 Lexus ES Brochure
2015 Lexus ES Brochure
2014 Lexus ES Brochure
2013 Lexus ES Brochure
2012 Lexus ES Brochure
2011 Lexus ES Brochure
2010 Lexus ES Brochure
2008 Lexus ES Brochure
2000 Lexus ES 300 Brochure

Lexus GS Brochures
2017 Lexus GS Brochure
2017 Lexus GSF Brochure
2016 Lexus GS Brochure
2015 Lexus GS Brochure
2014 Lexus GS Brochure
2013 Lexus GS Brochure
2011 Lexus GS Brochure
2000 Lexus GS Brochure
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Lexus GX Brochures
2017 Lexus GX Brochure
2016 Lexus GX Brochure
2015 Lexus GX Brochure
2014 Lexus GX Brochure
2013 Lexus GX Brochure
2012 Lexus GX Brochure
2011 Lexus GX Brochure
2010 Lexus GX Brochure
2008 Lexus GX Brochure

Lexus HS Brochures
2012 Lexus HS Brochure
2011 Lexus HS Brochure
2010 Lexus HS Brochure
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Lexus IS Brochures
2017 Lexus IS Brochure
2016 Lexus IS Brochure
2015 Lexus IS Brochure
2015 Lexus IS C Brochure
2014 Lexus IS brochure
2014 Lexus IS C Brochure
2014 Lexus IS F Brochure
2013 Lexus IS brochure
2012 Lexus IS brochure
2011 Lexus IS brochure
2008 Lexus IS Brochure
2006 Lexus IS Brochure
2001 Lexus IS 300 Brochure

Lexus LFA Brochures
2012 Lexus LFA Brochure
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Lexus LS Brochures
2017 Lexus LS Brochure
2016 Lexus LS Brochure
2015 Lexus LS Brochure
2014 Lexus LS Brochure
2013 Lexus LS Brochure
2012 Lexus LS Brochure
2011 Lexus LS Brochure
2010 Lexus LS Brochure
2007 Lexus LS Brochure
2000 Lexus LS Brochure

Lexus LX Brochures
2017 Lexus LX Brochure
2016 Lexus LX Brochure
2015 Lexus LX Brochure
2014 Lexus LX Brochure
2013 Lexus LX Brochure
2011 Lexus LX Brochure
2010 Lexus LX Brochure
2008 Lexus LX Brochure
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Lexus NX Brochures
2017 Lexus NX Brochure
2016 Lexus NX Brochure
2015 Lexus NX Brochure

Lexus RC Brochures
2017 Lexus RC Brochure
2017 Lexus RCF Brochure
2016 Lexus RC Brochure
2015 Lexus RC Brochure
2015 Lexus RC F Brochure
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Lexus RX Brochures
2017 Lexus RX Brochure
2016 Lexus RX Brochure
2015 Lexus RX Brochure
2014 Lexus RX Brochure
2013 Lexus RX Brochure
2012 Lexus RX Brochure
2011 Lexus RX Brochure
2009 Lexus RX Brochure
2008 Lexus RX Brochure
2008 Lexus RX Hybrid Brochure

Lexus SC Brochures
2010 Lexus SC Brochure
2009 Lexus SC Brochure
2008 Lexus SC Brochure
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Lexus Miscellaneous Brochures

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